Washington County Farm Bureau, Robert “Bruce” B. Christmas


Bruce Christmas croppedWashington County Farm Bureau (WCFB) President, Robert B. Christmas (Bruce), is serving his 20th year as president. Christmas has seen membership in WCFB grow over the years by the hundreds. Today, WCFB has approximately 1,600 member families.

“My family on my father’s side planted their roots in Jackson County from Georgia in 1849 and their heritage has been here ever since,” Christmas said. “My wife and I currently live on the very property once owned by my great-grandfather.”

Christmas is a University of Florida graduate who worked for the Extension system for 32 years. Christmas and his wife have four sons. These days, they enjoy the simpler life living on the family farm. Christmas is involved in peanut sharecropping on his property. The farm also produces soy beans, cotton and currently has 75 head of cattle.

Every February in conjunction with the Washington County Youth Fair, the WCFB holds an annual spaghetti supper as a fund raiser for their youth education fund. The spaghetti supper is open to the community and it is held at the Washington County Ag Center.

Money from the youth fund is used to help sponsor the youth fair and support the 4-H and FFA entries in the youth fair sale. Proceeds from the dinner also fund a garden project at the local elementary school, Ag in the Classroom activities and Ag Venture field trips for Washington and Holmes County elementary schools, helping to bring awareness to agriculture.

Recently, WCFB has co-sponsored the Legends and Lore Festival at Falling Waters State Park in Chipley. “The festival is an opportunity for WCFB to promote membership,” Christmas said.

A true southerner at heart, Christmas’ favorite meals include a variety of field peas, beans, okra and sweet corn. “On a rare occasion I will enjoy a slice of chocolate layer cake,” he said.

Washington County
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$63.5 Million in Revenue Generated by Agriculture & Related Industries 
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