State and Local Elections Will Directly Affect You


FloridaCapitalWith Election Day just over a month away there’s plenty of talk, and plenty of questions, about the Presidential election and national politics. How will the new President impact the country? Will the Republicans hold the U.S. Senate? How many Congressional seats will the Democrats add? How will Trump’s candidacy affect the down-ballot races across the country?

Yes, there are plenty of unknowns, but one thing we know for sure in Tallahassee is that the state of Florida and our citizens are most affected by local and state office elections. Your state senators, representatives, county and municipal elected officials may not be deciding about whether or not to build a wall on the border or the strategy to fight ISIS, but they are responsible for funding your schools, regulating your water quality, paying state employees and providing the regulatory framework for our state’s businesses and agricultural producers.

Florida Farm Bureau’s legislative office in Tallahassee spent the summer traveling the state, interviewing and thoroughly vetting candidates running for state office to provide the best guidance possible to our members on the most pro-agriculture, pro-business candidates to support during the 2016 election cycle. Through the primary and general elections, Florida FarmPAC, a political action committee managed by Florida Farm Bureau’s Board of Directors, has contributed significantly to candidates that will support and defend the needs of our membership.

Contributions made by FarmPAC would not be possible without the generous support of our grassroots members across the state. They voluntarily support our political activities. This ensures that Florida Farm Bureau can help elect good state lawmakers who will support Florida’s agricultural producers.

This year, the voluntary FarmPAC contribution will increase from $1 to $2. This small but necessary investment will help strengthen Farm Bureau’s ability to advocate for sound public policy that directly supports our state’s agricultural producers and rural communities. We believe this modest increase will help make our strong voice an even stronger one.

To those who are uncomfortable with money in politics, we can assure you the grassroots process by which county Farm Bureaus recommend contributions is fully vetted and approved by the FFBF Board of Directors, creating a solid system of integrity and accountability.

We ask that all of our members check the FarmPAC box when you submit your members dues, and help Farm Bureau support agriculture and rural communities in Florida.