Tips for Getting Started

Why Participate
1. Promote agriculture and Farm Bureau.
2. Get cool, free stuff.
3. Get your friends cool, free stuff.
4. It doesn’t take much time, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Making Your Video
1. Hold your phone SIDEWAYS when recording! The final video needs to be horizontal, not vertical (You can use an actual video camera if you have one).
2. Record yourself or have a friend help.
3. If you film outside, make sure it’s not too windy.
4. Upload to Facebook.
5. Tag two friends who you think are NOT Farm bureau Members.
6. Tag Florida Farm Bureau by adding “@FlaFarmBureau” to your post, AND use hashtag “#TellMeWhy”.

**If your account is set to “Private,” we will not be able to see your post UNLESS you tag us in it! Make sure you tag us with @FlaFarmBureau so we can get you your prizes!

Tips to Getting Started
1. Think about what you want to say, and practice a few times. You may want to mention one or more of the following topics:
Commitment to Preserving Natural Resources
Savings from our Member Benefits
Young Farmer & Rancher and Women’s Programs
Community Outreach & Involvement
Positive Personal Experiences
An Insurance Claim Outcome
Networking Opportunities
Access to Florida Buyers Club
Protecting Private Property Rights
Support of Incentive-Based Regulation

2. Make it PERSONAL! Use words like “I, me, my and we” so we know it’s personal to you!

3. Give Details! We want to hear YOUR STORY!

4. Have ENERGY! Pretend like you are talking to someone, or a group of people and speak as you would to them for the most natural looking and sounding video!

5. Try to get an Interesting background. If you’re on a farm or ranch, video yourself in the field, in a barn, or next to your animals or products. If you’re in an office, try to stand in front of a nice painting, window (if the sun isn’t too bright), or somewhere else with good lighting.

6. Look into the camera for best results! It will look like you are speaking directly to the viewer!

7. Don’t like your video? Try AGAIN! It took me 5 tries before I recorded a sample video I could deal with showing people, so don’t give up!

#TellMeWhy Challenge Video Example 1- Mark Nelson
#TellMeWhy Challenge Video Example 2- David Register

Having Trouble?
Check out these tips from Facebook:

Still need help? Contact Christy Hudson in FFBF Public Relations at or 352.384.2655.