Amy Hedstrom
Representing District 3 on Florida Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Group is Amy Hedstrom of Putnam/St. Johns County. Hedstrom, her husband, and their newborn son, Tripp, live in Putnam County along the St. Johns River. Hedstrom is also an active member of the of her county’s Women’s Committee.

Hedstrom was first introduced to agriculture via the timber industry. Her family has owned Warwick Logging for over 25 years.  She currently works for UF/IFAS as the 4-H Agent in Flagler County. When asked what crop she farms, she believes that she is growing leaders.

“When our YF&R State Leadership Group first met everyone was sharing what crop they produce. I said I didn’t grow anything but David Hafner told me I am growing the future of agriculture.”

While she has been involved in Farm Bureau for only a short time, Hedstrom has worked to become more involved and notes that she has had a lot of support from the other members and the relationships and people are her favorite part of Farm Bureau.

In February, Putnam/St. Johns County Farm Bureau hosted ‘Morning on the Farm’ where in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce over 200 people have the chance to take a more in-depth look at agriculture in their local community. They work with legislators and local government to educate people on the importance of agriculture and the effect of policy on their community.

“Before I joined Farm Bureau, I did not get very involved with anything political because I frankly did not think it would make a difference.  I’ve learned over the last few years that legislators are very approachable and interested in what they can do to help the agriculture industry be successful.  Being involved in events like this has changed my perception.”

Hedstrom is proud of how her county is involvement in legislative events and the impact that it makes.

“I am very proud of the rich heritage of agriculture in our community and to be involved in an organization like Farm Bureau that gives me the opportunity to be so involved in sharing that heritage with those in our community.”