Ask CRC to Oppose Proposal 23

Ask CRC to Oppose Proposal 23

Proposal 23, a dangerously broad and vague proposal from the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC), is scheduled to be heard and voted on by the Judicial Committee on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Proposal 23 would introduce the “right to a clean and healthful environment” into the Constitution. This may sound like a good idea, but the underlying language in the proposal provides a cause of action for any person to sue any party over virtually anything that could be perceived to impact the “natural, scenic, historic and aesthetic values of the environment.”

This proposal directly threatens Florida’s “Right to Farm” law and can do extreme damage to our state’s agricultural industry and the business community.


Florida Farm Bureau is very concerned this dangerous language would completely undermine any protections farms have under the “Right to Farm” law that has been law in our state for decades. It also gives anyone the ability to sue a farm, business, local government, etc. for any runoff, discharge, odor, or noise. It would allow a constutional right to sue a farm even if it is complying with every environmental regulation and operating under Best Management Practices (BMPs)!

Florida Farm Bureau has a long track record of supporting common-sense environmental regulations. This proposal would undermine 30 years of environmental regulation and create a legal free-for-all where trial lawyers and judges decide how to best protect Florida’s environment.

Now, more than ever, we need Farm Bureau members across the state to contact the members of the CRC’s Judicial Committee to let them know how dangerously bad this proposal is for the future of agriculture and business in the state of Florida.

Please take a moment to email or call the members of the Judicial Committee. You can CLICK HERE to send the entire committee an email or you can contact them individually using the information below.

The members of the Judicial Committee include:

Name Phone Email
Chair Bill Schifino, Jr. (850) 792-5825
Vice Chair Anna Marie Hernandez Gamez (850) 320-8716
Commissioner Pam Bondi (850) 414-3990
Commissioner Timothy Cerio (850) 296-2920
Commissioner Hank Coxe (904) 353-0211
Commissioner Arthenia Joyner (813) 591-0625
Commissioner Tom Lee (813) 653-7061
Commissioner Roberto Martinez (305) 476-7400
Commissioner Carolyn Timmann (772) 210-4398

Additionally, last week, a proposal mandating E-Verify cleared the CRC’s General Provisions Committee, following a variety of public comments including both support and opposition. The language in this proposal is similar to bills filed on mandatory E-Verify in previous legislative sessions.

This proposal has not been scheduled to be discussed again. However, we expect it to be on an agenda either later this month or in January.  We are working to put together information about how implementing a mandatory E-Verify program without federal immigration reform would harm many agricultural employers.