County Spotlight: Volusia County Farm Bureau President David Register


David RegisterVolusia County Farm Bureau currently has about 5,500 members and David Register, the organization’s president, is proud of an event they organize to honor a certain segment of their membership.

“Every year in early March, we host a women’s breakfast,” Register said. “We entertain ladies from our membership and usually have between 80 and 100 people attend. It is a really nice social event for them.”

“We don’t do a whole lot for the ladies that support the farmers and also are farmers themselves,” Register added. “It’s nice to give back to the ladies who contribute so much to agriculture and to the support of agriculture in our county.”

One place Volusia County Farm Bureau focuses on promoting agriculture is their Wednesday farmers market, which is very well attended and pretty famous in their area.

At this farmers market, they have commodity days in cooperation with their local UF/IFAS County Extension office. One day it could be cut foliage, which is very big in that area. Another day it could be strawberries. It could be citrus the next week. There are plenty of options in our state.

“And on those days we’ll usually invite people out that are actively involved in the industry and we’ll set up a nice booth and give the visitors a taste of whatever the particular commodity is,” Register stated. “If that particular commodity has a queen, we’ll try to have the queen come out and give autographs, take pictures and act as an ambassador for agriculture in our county.”

Register feels these visits to the farmers market are a great way to meet the general public since the vast majority of visitors there are the average consumer in Volusia County. “It’s a good way to convey the message about the importance of agriculture to the general population of Volusia County,” Register said.

And Register believes it is important to spread that message not just through Volusia County, but throughout the state and country.

“The number of people that are actively involved in agriculture is shrinking every year,” Register stated. “And if each one of us doesn’t take the time to preach our message and tell the people what we do day in and day out, then all people hear is the message from the anti-ag people that are spewing propaganda that denigrates agriculture.”

“I just feel like it’s important for each one of us, in all the social groups that we’re in and on social media, to actively engage the general public and tell them about what we do and why it is so important,” Register added.

County Facts
1,363 Farms
106,042 Acreage in Farms
$1.74 Billion in Revenue Generated by Agriculture and Related Industries
40,856 Jobs Provided

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