County Spotlight: Martin County Farm Bureau President Rob Taylor


rob taylor2Through humble beginnings, Martin County Farm Bureau’s Annual 3D Archery Tournament has become a rousing success. This event is held in January at Ranch Feed & Pet Supply in Palm City and they just held their sixth one this year.

“My daughters belonged to the 4H Archery Club and there were no archery events in Martin County,” Rob Taylor, Martin County Farm Bureau president, said. “So I got together with their 4H leader and we formed a one-day archery tournament. I got the idea from Okeechobee County Farm Bureau which had started one the year before.”

Taylor says the tournament has anywhere from 80 to 90 shooters a year. And family members who don’t shoot attend just to watch the action.

“We hold it similar to a 4H event where it’s not an all-day event,” Taylor stated. “We’re done shooting 3D targets by lunch, then eat lunch and give away raffle prizes so there’s always something for everyone.”

“We’ve had a great response from the kids,” Taylor added. “I would say half of our shooters are under 18.”

This event’s continued success has led to the Young Farmer and Rancher Youth Enhancement Fund being replenished. This year that fund has been used to award one $1,500 and two $1,000 scholarships and help send local FFA students to the national FFA Convention in Kentucky.

“The support I get from the other Martin County Farm Bureau board members as well as the ag community in general for our archery tournament has been fantastic,” Taylor said.

For Rob Taylor, Florida Farm Bureau is not just an organization he belongs to, it is part of his life.

“I’ve been Martin County President for six years and my father was a past president,” Taylor stated. “I grew up in Farm Bureau. I have been tied to this organization since I was a kid and I feel very deeply about the positives that come out of Farm Bureau.”

“I’m not just somebody that found out about Farm Bureau late in life,” Taylor added. “I’ve known it since I was a kid. And when the opportunity came for me to participate, that’s where I chose to put my time and effort as far as what I give back to the community.”

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County Facts
587 Farms
139,310 Acreage in Farms
$1.18 Billion in Revenue Generated by Agriculture and Related Industries
22,050 Jobs Provided