County Spotlight: Farm Bureau President Jeff Pittman


Jackson County Farm Bureau (JCFB) President Jeff Pittman is a 4th generation peanut and cotton farmer and is rooted in his community and Florida Farm Bureau. Jeff, his wife Ginger, and their three children, Wilton, Mary Katherine and Jeffery Jr.,  reside in the small town of Bascom, nestled just five miles south of the Alabama border.

Pittman was elected to the State Board of Directors on April 1,, 2006 and has represented Holmes, Walton and Jackson counties for nearly ten years.

Agriculture promotion through youth education and through the JCFB FFA Leadership Program in particular, is something that Pittman is especially passionate about. This program is available to sophomore and junior FFA high school students from October-May and gives them the opportunity for hands on leadership training.

Another way Pittman promotes agriculture in his community and to his county of 2,192 member families is by sponsoring and supporting local youth livestock shows as well as BMP (Best Management Practices) workshops. These BMP workshops provide helpful tools and resources to young farmers which will allow them to conserve water supply, enhance production and preserve farmland for future generations.

It is a pleasure to have a professional and courteous working relationship with our Agency Manager, Kenneth Stoutamire and the Jackson County staff: Kisha McGinty, Salena Cosson, Willie Roche and Margo Lamb. I believe it is very important to maintain this healthy relationship to create harmony within our county.

When asked what his favorite recipe is, the JCFB President responds, “My favorite recipe is my mom’s coconut pound cake:

coconut pound cake