County Spotlight: Clay County Farm Bureau President

County Spotlight: Clay County Farm Bureau, Gayward Hendry

With more than 5,000 member families and counting, Clay County Farm Bureau (CCFB) is one of the largest in the state and President Gayward Hendry is proud to announce that the local organization is already at work to meet membership goal for this year. The county already has 77 new members as of November 30, 2015. “With the additional membership drives we have held and are planning, we feel we are on the right track,” Hendry said.

Promoting agricultural education and awareness is one of the top priorities of CCFB. The county donates more than $16,000 annually in support of youth education. The core focus of the county’s annual meeting is youth education. The meeting serves as a venue to recognize young future leaders in the community.

Local 4-H and FFA students receive a generous monetary donation for the 4-H Foundation and FFA Chapters. A cake auction also benefits the two programs. Local teachers are awarded mini-grant checks for bringing agriculture into the classroom.

The event is a tradition for local community members, public officials and state legislators. CCFB also participates in the Bonnie Cabbage Program, Ag Literacy Day book reading, Farm-City Week and Food Check-Out Week.

President Hendry’s favorite way of promoting agriculture in his community is the Hendry Cane Grind. Each year, Hendry and his wife, Susan, host the event and invite the community to take part in the old southern tradition of making cane syrup. “It is a time to promote membership and educate members on their benefits,” Hendry said. “There is no better way to retain members than by reminding them of the wonderful benefits that they can utilize as a Farm Bureau member.”

“You ask what my favorite recipe is, but I’m not much of a cook so, I will tell you my favorite meal– lima beans, corn bread, ham hocks and sweet tea,” Hendry said. “Honestly, what else is there?”

Clay County Facts

Farms: 403

Acreage in Farms: 51,581

$496.4 Million in Revenue Generated by Agriculture and Related Enterprises

12,353 Jobs Provided