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Issues & Public Policy : Policy Development & Implementation Process

How the Farm Bureau Develops Policy


Policy Development and Implementation Process


The Process

Florida Farm Bureau staff and leaders get their "marching orders" from the policy book. Policies are adopted annually through a process that is designed to reflect and act upon concerns and issues that affect producers throughout Florida. Issues are introduced in resolutions developed by FFBF Advisory Committees and county Farm Bureaus.

These resolutions are compiled into a workbook that made available to county Farm Bureaus. At the convention, voting delegates meet and discuss the workbook during resolutions sessions. Finally, the resolutions are voted into policies.

Advisory Committees

Florida Farm Bureau's Advisory Committees play an important role in the policy development process. Committee members are experts in their commodity or area of expertise and keep Federation staff attuned to pending needs of the agricultural community. They advise the voting delegates on resolutions that may become policies, and help inform the state board of directors on specific issues.