Nassau County Farm Bureau


Celebration of fall; Nassau County Annual Dinner

nassau 1Nassau County President, Thomas Ford, is passionate about promoting agriculture in his community and is grateful for those who volunteer to help make a difference. The Celebration of fall annual dinner couldn’t be a better time to recognize Farm Bureau members and volunteers for their outstanding hard work and dedication throughout the year. Their leadership and service as ambassadors of agriculture keep members of the Nassau County educated and involved in agriculture in their community.

Thomas R. Ford, Callahan
  • Vice President: Sherrell Roberts, Bryceville
  • Secretary: Michael Mullins, Yulee
  • Treasurer: James G. Cunningham, Hilliard
Board of Directors
  • Kenny Farmer, Callahan
  • Curtiss G. Quarrier Jr., Callahan
  • Timothy C. Stokes, Bryceville
  • Floyd L. Vanzant, Hilliard
  • Donald G Tanner, Callahan
  • Walter Boatright, Jr., Callahan
  • Travis Higginbotham, Callahan
  • Aaron Bell, Callahan
  • Michael Mullen, Yulee
  • Robert Foster, Yulee