Hardee County Farm Bureau



HardeeCountyFor more than 20 years, Hardee County Farm Bureau holds an Ag-Fest for local 4th grade students. The Ag-Fest includes 28 interactive hands-on stations. The event serves to educate the young people about agriculture in their county.

The Hardee County Farm Bureau also provides teachers with Ag-in the Classroom materials to help educate the students throughout the year on the importance of agriculture.


Tommy Watkins, Wauchula
  • Vice President: Steve Johson, Wauchula
  • Secretary: Scott Henderson, Wauchula
  • Treasurer: Corey Lambert, Wauchula
Board of Directors
  • Daniel H. Smith, Wauchula
  • Greg L. Shackelford, Zolfo Springs
  • R. Roy Petteway, Zolfo Springs