Your Membership Helps Build a Better Florida

Your Membership Helps Build a Better Florida

As indicated by its mission statement, Florida Farm Bureau operates to increase the household incomes of farmers and ranchers and improve the quality of rural life.

As the largest general farm organization in Florida, we are proud to serve as the Voice of Florida Agriculture. But Farm Bureau offers more than just the quest for a positive bottom line. We also represent the values and aspirations shared by most Floridians.

Farm Bureau members seek general economic development, building opportunities for all residents so they can secure stable jobs and support their families.

We champion the protection of private property rights. We believe that property ownership is the foundation of a society blessed with a representative government.

For this reason, we are always alert to unnecessary and costly encroachments upon private property by governmental agencies.

We believe that command and control systems of regulation do not work and add unnecessary costs to taxpayers. Intensive governmental control suppresses economic growth and threatens the opportunity so vital for a healthy society. Incentive-based regulation is a far better solution for governmental policy at any level.

Farm Bureau’s commitment to traditional family life and our communities is always apparent among our members.

They recognize that their first obligation is to support and nurture their families.

You will also find them busy at work every day on community projects and charitable causes across the state. Their volunteer service is a marvel to observe. They give time, labor and money for the purpose of helping others. The fact that they do so in addition to producing our food is another measure of their true character.

Superior management of naturalresources is another example of their public service. They live and work on the land
that sustains them. They conserve those resources so future generations can enjoy an outstanding quality of life.

Our members actively participate in the public affairs of our state with a similar perspective. They do so in the spirit of contributing to a better Florida for everyone tomorrow. We are involved to make a positive difference.

At a time when a variety of social ills, natural resource issues, food production questions and other vital matters command our attention, good people everywhere must work together to forge sustainable solutions.

I hope you will find that your membership in Florida Farm Bureau is an important step toward crafting those solutions.

Our organization provides many tangible member benefits and learning experiences. But I assure you that our people and the values we share remain our greatest assets.