Looking Forward to an Exciting, Productive Year

Looking Forward to an Exciting, Productive Year

I hope that you and your family enjoyed a memorable holiday season. Like most other Florida households, the Hoblick family gratefully took advantage of a few days to rest and delight in each other’s company.

Now that the new year has arrived and holidays have passed, the horizon opens to fresh possibilities for families, for business and for personal growth. Most everyone gradually enters into the daily routine with a sense of renewed commitment to the values and goals we hold dear.

Florida Farm Bureau greets 2014 with a full agenda set by our members. At our state convention in October Farm Bureau members adopted the policies that will guide our state leaders, our volunteers and our staff through the next 12 months.

We will be involved in forging solutions to challenging public policy issues. We will encourage the Congress to adopt a new farm bill. Farmers and ranchers depend upon this legislation to plan for the future as they produce our food, fiber and renewable fuels. Farm bill provisions also help support important natural resource conservation systems that agricultural producers implement in Florida and across the nation.

We will continue to work on the federal estate tax issue. Most farmers have invested their resources in their properties. If they cannot transfer their properties to the next generation because of enormous tax bills, our food security will be jeopardized and our rural communities will suffer from economic instability.

On the state level Farm Bureau will help develop remedies for a number of problems, including water issues, taxes on certain farm equipment and replacement parts and the theft of metals.

All of our great volunteers will actively participate in expressing agriculture’s perspective on these and other matters while building a consensus to solve problems. They will take center stage at Farm Bureau’s Legislative Days
in Tallahassee in March and in our Field to the Hill trip to Washington, D.C. in May.

We will see many of our dedicated Farm Bureau members at other major activities. We will begin with the American Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting this month and continue with Food Check-Out Week events, Florida Farm Bureau’s advisory
committee meetings and Florida Farm Bureau’s State Women’s Leadership Conference in February. That is just the running start for what shapes up to be one of the most productive and exciting periods in the life of our organization.

With your dedication and passion, we cannot fail at achieving Farm Bureau’s policy objectives. I look forward to a
successful year for Farm Bureau and Florida agriculture.