Get Involved In Your Local Farm Bureau

Get Involved In Your Local Farm Bureau

A special Farm Bureau season has arrived. Volunteer leaders across the state have begun to hold county Farm Bureau annual meetings.

These events give members an opportunity to enjoy good food and fellowship with neighbors in their communities. There is always a delicious new dessert to sample or a new friend to greet.

But annual meetings also involve important business. The directors of county Farm Bureaus are selected, giving the organizations the leadership that is vital for their future success.

Candidates for public office are on hand and available for informal discussions about issues that affect farm families. Our members share perspectives with candidates, building on relationships that will be vital for the future of agriculture in Florida.

Annual meetings also continue our tradition of working together to achieve common goals. The meeting agendas often include reviews of work accomplished in the previous year, including outstanding projects that support local communities.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Farm Bureau. Our county gatherings give plenty of recognition to the dedicated contributions of volunteers who represent the true Voice of Florida Agriculture. The celebration of these fine people is a powerful reminder of what dedicated service by each individual can accomplish.

County Farm Bureau meetings keep us informed about the diverse programs available for our members and initiatives developed by our colleagues and the state staff. We routinely discuss how we can improve upon what we are all doing and learn from each other as we do so.

I would say that the most significant feature of our annual meetings is the open invitation for members to become involved – to participate in our programs and to make a real difference for the good of everyone.

Farm Bureau offers an opportunity for members to step into volunteer service.

Virtually all of our state directors, our county presidents, our state Women’s Leadership Committee members and the ranks of our state Young Farmers and Ranchers Leadership Group have been filled by good people who have emerged from our local Farm Bureaus.

They have gained their experience through dedicated service, honing their skills over time. Our organization has empowered them.

It can do the same for you. The annual meeting season is an excellent time for you to begin exploring the opportunities available to you. Find out how about the volunteer roles available by talking with Farm Bureau members in your community.

Then get involved. You will be glad you did.