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Agriculture faces drought

Agriculture faces drought

For those of us in agriculture, it’s always about the weather. Heading into the dry winter months after too little rain during what was supposed to be our state’s wet season, those of us involved in agriculture are concerned. The predictions for a dry 2008 don’t give us much hope. We are experiencing one of the worst droughts in modern memory. Millions of dollars in agriculture are at stake.

Although there is not much that can be done, everyone needs to stay informed and follow what the water management districts are doing. It’s important to keep in mind that the water management districts think about water on a regional basis. The district managers are trying very hard to make adjustments on a basin-by-basin basis. We need to approach this critical time in a calm and civil manner to best protect our farms.

DEP’s link offers a comprehensive look at the drought statewide:

Florida Farm Bureau also has a collection of drought specific information and links: