Title - About FFB : Distinguished Service Award

About FFB : Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award

FFB Distinguished Service Award

We believe that more recognition should be given to the leaders who have spent of their time and efforts so freely. At this late date, little can be done to honor them as they should be. At this time let us resolve that at each annual convention to honor at least one or more with an appropriate plaque or other appropriate memento for all the efforts that they put forth on this great organization.

With those words, in 1966, delegates to the Florida Farm Bureau Annual Meeting established the Distinguished Service Award to honor Florida agriculturists for their contributions to farming in the state. On the left is the roster of those upon whom the Distinguished Service Award has been bestowed.

2014 - Teddy Siehler
2013 - Thomas Jesse Godbold, Sr.
2012 - DA Lewis
2011 - Roy Wilson, Myron Bryan
2010 - Hugh English
2009 - Marion Tidwell, Donald Nelson
2008 - George Poucher, Bobby Beagles
2007 - Carl B. Loop Jr.
2006 - L.E. McMullian, Howell Waring
2005 - Bob Searcy, Ben Whitty
2004 - Hilward Morgan, James Watson
2003 - Bill Cotton, Herb Bryan
2002 - J.C. Bass, Jim Simpson
2001 - Jim Fogarty, Charles Partin, Helen Houck, Edmond Horton
2000 - Helen Houck, Edmond Horton
1999 - Dorothy Lewis, B.E. "Bud" Cook
1998 - Merwyn Barrineau, Tommy Lawrence
1997 - Tom Braddock
1996 - Dudley Putnam
1995 - Al Bellotto, Bert Harris
1994 - John Talton
1993 - Fred Clark, George Townsend
1992 - John Nelson, Peter Harlee
1991 - Betty Frazier, Doyle Conner
1990 - Amos Sumner
1989 - Doyle Parker, GilbertTucker
1988 - Cyril Boyd, Oscar Harrison
1987 - Fred W. Barber, J. 0. Pearce Jr.
1986 - Ray Crawford, Carroll M. Payne
1985 - Leonard Cobb, Dr. Marshall Watkins
1984 - Sam D. Saunders, Henry W. Land
1983 - James S. Wershow, Bob Pitman
1982 - James Frank Ray, Buster Hancock
1981 - Lat Turner, Frank Bouis
1980 - Mrs. Ruth Springer Wedgworth, Aubrey Fowler
1979 - Elton Hinton
1978 - W. C. Barrineau
1977 - L T. Dyer, B. J. Sweat
1976 - Carey Robbins, T. K McCleme Jr.
1975 - Harry E. Wood
1974 - Wayne Mix on, Mrs. Zella Hawkins
1973 - Forrest Davis Jr. , Henry Pringle
1972 - John S. Allen Jr.
1971 - Billy W. Hill
1970 - Walter Welkener
1969 - Lacy Thomas
1968 - Art Karst, James C. Morton
1967 - E. H. Finlayson, Mrs. George W. Munroe

Pat Cockrell Lifetime Achievement Award

Among those who have provided counsel, support and guidance to those who have led major agricultural organizations in the state of Florida, Pat Cockrell had no peer.

He served three presidents of Florida Farm Bureau during his 35-year tenure with the association. Whether he was facilitating behind the scenes or taking center stage in support of Florida agriculture, Cockrell’s keen knowledge of how challenges should be met and goals accomplished was invaluable to all concerned.

Everyone who knew Pat was saddened when, only four months after his induction into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame in February 2011, he lost a years-long battle with cancer. Shortly thereafter, Florida Farm Bureau created the Pat Cockrell Lifetime Achievement Award, to honor staff who give exemplary, long-term service to the organization. Fittingly, Pat Cockrell was posthumously given the inaugural award named in his honor.

2014 - Ray Crawford
2013 - Scottie Buttler
2011 - Pat Cockrell