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What is FBACT?
The Florida Farm Bureau FBACT grassroots program was established to protect and further agricultural interests through the active participation of Farm Bureau members in government relations activities at the federal, state and local levels.

Why should I join?
Advocacy is a powerful – and necessary – tool for implementing Farm Bureau policy at the federal and state levels. Without Farm Bureau grassroots advocates taking action agriculture may not have a voice in Congress. Being an FBACT member means being willing to speak up, speak out and implement your policies. It means being willing to take action and to be “a Voice of Agriculture.” Communicating with lawmakers –through meetings, letters, phone calls, faxes, e-mails, etc. – is one major way FBACT members may exercise their constitutional right to speak out.

How does it work?
Members of FBACT will receive legislative updates and “FBACT Alerts” via e-mail. You will also periodically receive Agricultural Policy Bulletins on other important issues that will affect agriculture. Each “FBACT Alert” will include a link to our website. There, you will complete several easy steps and your message will be sent directly to your elected official. Talking points and/or sample letters included in the alerts will help make this process quick, simple and effective. Because most communication between FFBF and you takes place via e-mail, it is critical that we have your correct and updated e-mail address.

Why e-mail?
There are times when immediate responses are necessary. E-mail allows a response time of minutes or hours compared to days or weeks for other forms of communication. E-mail is a well accepted (even preferred) medium in most legislative offices, and is the least burdensome and quickest way for Farm Bureau to provide you with the most timely information.

How do I join?
Click HERE to become a FBACT member. You will then begin receiving “FBACT Alerts” and Agricultural Policy Bulletins on legislation where you will be asked to take action and become the Voice of Agriculture.

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